Saturday, August 4, 2012

Alphabet Weeks: Letter B

Perfect timing for out letter B week. Our little family took a trip to Corpus to visit family and friends! Enjoy...

Axel was able to discover the letter B while digging through the sand at Maggie Beach in Corpus with cousin Caitlin!! Lots of things were found including his buried FOOT!

The letter B was tasted this time with Banana's and toasted Bread (for the first time). Anyone who knows Axel is aware that the kid loves banana's!!

A new finding in our home was an empty Box that hadn't been recycled yet. Let's just say Axel had a fun time with that one including a brief game of peek-a-Boo!!

We continued our bath time foam words including Bat, Box, Band, and Bar.

Axel was given a Noah's Ark Little People set by his Aunt Susan for his birthday. What a perfect gift for the letter B. A couple of Bears and panda Bears! Axel is loving categorizing his animals and shapes into different containers. His 'big new task' in play is sorting. 

Lastly, as I said earlier our little family was able to visit some of our BEST friends and BEST family members including Cody, Allison, Madelyn, Ryan, Nanny, PawPaw, Aunt Nancy, Caitlin, and Chelsea in Corpus!!

What a bountiful, beautiful, and blessed week we had!!

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